FAQ Seaweed Fertilizer

Do you have questions? Here are some FAQ for Boost Seaweed Fertilizer

How Often to apply

For best results every 2 weeks or more frequently (i.e. every week). The plant biostimulants are used rapidly, and do not last long. Unlike fertilizers, Boost can be applied all year round, even in winter and at the height of summer. Multiple applications do not harm the crop.

Best Time to Apply

The best time is first thing in the morning or second best later in the evening and not during the heat of the day. 

Why is It best to apply in morning or afternoon?

During the heat of the days, the crop is often stressed from lack of water in the leaves and the plant stomata may be closed. If fungal problems are an issue, it is best to apply in the morning and avoid moisture residue on the foliage overnight.

Can it be applied to other parts of plants aside from leaf? Fruit/stem/root?

While the major route into the plant is through the leaves, roots are a good entry. Boost can be applied as a soil drench as well and it a good application to soli drench at planting to give the crop a good start.
The most effective is a leaf spray. It won’t do any harm on stems, but plants do not absorb biostimulants well through their stem.

What is the rate for 1 knapsack sprayer?

250ml per knapsack

What happens if I missed an application?

Apply as soon as possible after the rain or event that has caused the miss. Plants keep growing and Boost supports growth especially when plants are stressed.

What to do if it rains a day after application?

Sleep easy. Boost is adsorbed by the leaves into the plant rapidly and what is washed off will enhance the soil..

Is it safe to mix with other chemicals we want to apply?

Generally it is safe to apply with other foliar or fertilizers. As the product has been stabilized and is at pH 5, application with pesticides and fungicides should be avoided.

Will it affect the pollinators?


What crops are suitable to use?

All crops. Rice, Bananas, Cacao, Mangoes, Greens, Corn, Wheat. Non fruiting vegetables.

Do we need to still use our existing foliar if we use the BOOST?

Yes – if you are applying NPK as a foliar fertilizer. Boost will provide some nutrients.

Do we still need to use NPK fertilizer?

Yes. Depending on soil type and crop history Boost may enhance yields from the NPK. Often farmers find that Boost enhances the crop yields from NPK but from an economical standpoint Boost allows reduction of NPK, and cost for equivalent or better yields.

How long is Shelf Life

One year. The data of manufacture and Best before date is on all containers. As the product has been sealed and stabilized it should be used as soon as possible but unlike some it does not go off.

What is the Price

Very cost effective. See pricing page on www.bioseaboost.com/shop

Where can we Buy

Multiple distributors  – see the website www.bioseasboost.com

Is the supply always available?


Do we need to use all of the product once bottle is opened?

Ensure the bottle is firmly shut after using. Keeping an airtight seal is important for shelf life.

What happens to unused prepared mixture if not used?

Use within 1 to 2 days or the prepared seaweed mixture will start to ferment and smell.

Will using old mixture damage the plant?

No. But as the prepared mix starts to ferment it will result in an increase of bacteria which may become a hazard to operators and the plants.
If you use old prepared mix, it will smell and possibly taint the food crop

Will it cure Panama Disease?

Some good evidence in the literature says it may. Local Davao  farmers have experienced good results and they got a crop whereas the block that was not treated for panama disease did not. This presentation. See http://bioseaboost.com/reduce-panama-disease/ with more information,