Organic seaweed fertilizer increases rice yields with biosea boost

Increase Rice Yields 55% with Biosea Boost

Rice yields in field trials with a carrageenan plant growth regulator (CPGR) in Brgy. Balatong has increased crop harvest by more than 65 percent.

Seaweed – the smart organic biostimulant to increase rice yields

Increase rice yields 55% with Biosea Boost seaweed fertilizer. Recommendation from the Government on the use of a carrageenan plant growth regulator (CPGR) in Brgy. Balatong have increased crop harvest by more than 65 percent with seaweed biostimulants.

This was reported by Ramon Efren Lazaro (The Philippine Star Nov 2015) on a trial from a team led by Dr. Gil Magsino of the National Crop Protection Center-University of the Philippines-Los Banos. The results after application of three and six bags of chemical fertilizer per hectare, combined with 200 parts per million (ppm) of CPGR compared with the farmers normal application of applying 9 bags.

  • Grain weight yield was 450 grams per 10 hills compared with 275 grams per 10 hills.
  • Productive tillers and panicle length were also significantly higher. ( Productive tillers are the rice stems that bear the panicles with fertilized grains, while longer rice panicle is associated with producing more rice grains.
  • Makes the rice stem stronger thus improving rice resistance to lodging.
  • Promoted resistance to rice ‘tungro’ virus and bacterial leaf blight.
  • Promotes more efficient absorption of plant nutrients that enables improved growth
  • Enhances the presence of natural enemies that fight major pests in rice fields

Science and Technology Sec. Mario Montejo said:

“This innovation of applying seaweed as fertilizer empowers our farmers to have access to cheaper but highly effective plant growth enhancers that boils down to improved harvest and increased income, and this is the essence of what DOST is doing.”

Irradiation technology reduces size of the the polysaccharide (carbohydrate).

Liquid fertilizer from the carrageenan is an effective growth promoter and makes rice resistant to major pests but make sure that the seaweed fertilizer is produced is an approved organic manner and applied correctly.

What is good in this seaweed additive is it is compatible with the traditional practice on fertilizer application, thereby allowing easy acceptance and less resistance from farmers.

Increase Rice Yields 55% with Biosea Boost Plant Biostimulant

So practice sustainable agriculture, environmently-friendly using organic liquid fertilizer.

Note that the conventional use of carrageenan is as an indigestible carbohydrate (polysaccharide) extracted from edible seaweeds and used as thickener or stabilizer by the food industry and as a binding agent for domestic products such as toothpaste and shampoo. Biosea takes that seaweed and extracts plant biostimulants